SU-MO Tours is a tourist agency engaged in private accommodation activities, with a mission of promoting the small town of Omišalj. They will try to present natural beauties of Omišalj, a very rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as accommodation capacities in private apartments and rooms.

The very position of Omišalj is very advantageous. The town is situated immediately after the Krk Bridge, on the southwest coast of the island of Krk. The dominant position over the entire Kvarner used to be recognized throughout history by its numerous masters. It is very easy to visit any place on the island from Omišalj, as well as the surrounding villages and towns on the mainland (which was largely facilitated by the construction of the Krk Bridge).

Omišalj is a peaceful and quiet little town, perfect for getting some good rest. On its sandy, gravelly and rocky beaches, you'll be able to fully enjoy the sun and the sea, and the rich vegetation will provide you with deep shade during hot summer months when you really need it.

It is worth pointing out that Omišalj is part of a special UNESCO's program aiming at maintaining the harmony between the cultural and historical heritage and the industry that has developed over the past 30 years.
SU-MO Tours will make sure you receive all necessary information in order for you to get a full experience of Omišalj, the island of Krk and numerous interesting locations on the nearby mainland.

SU-MO Tours wishes you a pleasant stay in Omišalj!